In 2014 a group of MUTHA enthusiasts got together to create a teaser to apply for the IPF (Independent Production Fund) awarded by Bell Media.



We spent $500 on the teaser thanks mostly to the investments of everyone’s time, Ian Ameline’s location and Carl Elster’s gorgeous equipment. The $500 was raised through the sale of a giant neon vagina created for the CRAVE video



A lot of talented friends and collaborators helped MUTHA to see the light of day. Thank you to the following bad ass bitches:

Kyle Cheetham

Jennie Robertson

Dre Wheeler

The Hip Hop Karaoke crew

Anne Fenn

Deb Jarvis


Cee Brown

John Barnes III

Delicious Vinyl crew

Jen Neales

Marquis Wilson

Ben Hauck

Brian Pollard

Joseph Iannicelli

Kelly-Marie Murtha

Matt Gorman

Liz Whitmore

Ara Glenn-Johanson

Matt Sergi

Sara Starkman

Sarah Bergman

Nigel Downer

Andrea Danielle Maxwell

Tavia Charlton

Kate Campbell

Kyle MItchell

Carl Elster

Elizabeth Stevens

Pedro Miguel

Gugun Deep Singh

Jayne Kennedy

Guillermo Campos

Michael Musgrove

Michelle De Los Santos and Steven Levy

Ian Ameline

Sylvester Witter

William Panzarella

Philip Morton

Van Johnson

John Vandervelde

Lowell Hall

Ami Obarski

Josh Louis Simon

Divya Shahani

Jacqueline Kelly

Sonia Hong

Tiska Weidermann

Victor Elizalde

Kevin Frank

Dave Kneebone

Daniel Tacchino

Stefan Kuchar

Patrick House

Dennis Nicholson

Ryan Jakubek

Adam Cohen

Lars Classington

Marie Isabelle Palacious-Hardy

Sahar Ahmad

Andrew Briggs